ATURIS.Basic-Template 2 fluid

Plastic injection of shot weights between 1g and 2850g

Producing of wheel cover different variants

Since 2009, we produce wheel cover different variants of Volkswagen.

Radzierdeckel without Emblem

Production of Radzierdeckel VW T6 - since 2015!

Since July 2015, we also provide the wheel cover for the new variant of the Volkswagen T6!

Producing of Spiegelabdeckungen

Outside replace the visible with a grain according to customer specifications!

Manufacture of various length adjuster

For mounting in our plant or as a pure item supplied, we produce length adjuster for various glass fiber reinforced materials.

Length adjuster straight

Length adjuster undamped

Production single plastic injection molded parts for Jaguar

Upper part of a cover for protecting individual cables in Jaguar

belonging to lower part

seat gain for Jaguar

Manufacturing fiberglass-reinforced components up to 500g

To cover or to protect individual components in the vehicle we produce unreinforced components in different sizes

air foreclosure

cold air intake

Manufacture of various components, colored differently from different base materials

Several large and small series according to customer requirements are together with our customers

planned - executed - implemented

We produce small series through to permanent mass!



coat hooks

Clip with teeth

Cover for Ultra sonic welding

plastic moulding of metal parts and plastic parts

Encapsulation of coated Rohstangen different lengths

Overmoulded Rohstangen with teeth from a PA6.6 with 33% glass fiber

Injecting PTFE

Injections of various PTFE types, incl. Additional assembly.

All parts in this module are self-made, down to the processed feather!