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Quality policy and philosophy

The constant ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and their continuous improvement are among our top corporate principles. The measure of the quality thus put our customers. Therefore their judgment about our quality is paramount.

To secure our quality standards every single employee contributes through his personal performance. It will ensure that quality and safety-related activities planned throughout, are controlled and monitored. Thus we meet the quality requirements of our customers as well as the applicable statutory and regulatory provisions. We realize the "0-defect principle".

The error prevention we measure with respect to the error detection with special meaning. Through a continuous improvement process, the quality of our products is to be increased permanently through the commitment of all employees at all levels.

The quality policy of the PK-Systems GmbH is known throughout the organization and will frequent this checked for continuing suitability.


Ours goals

  • Our goal is to provide a secure future for employees and companies. This we want to achieve through steady but cautious growth.
  • In the first place, the people are. As an employee, as a customer, as a supplier.
  • Our future is in good employees. From our employees we expect a willingness to services and entrepreneurship.
  • Problems are solved cooperative and accommodating. Dealing with employees and customers is always humane and fair.
  • Tasks entrusted to us, we do responsibly and in a very short time.
  • Through innovative, first-class products and above-average commitment we secure our lead and our future.
  • All our products are of consistent, high quality. Each employee is an essential part of our quality system.
  • Our goal is to improve the services offered by us constantly.

We are certified according to ISO TS 9001:2008

Support of the Thuringian State Award for Quality